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Annual Review 2015


in 2015

WE Empowered Women


WIFT-T provided opportunities for making significant connections through 27 different mentoring, networking and industry events. Members were able to enrich their careers while having fun and making new friends and work contacts.


From workshop-style intensives to panel discussions, a wide range of career-changing programming was offered to enhance the skills of our members. We aimed to support their ability to be confident decision-makers at all stages of their careers.


We revelled in celebrating and promoting women’s successes – especially those of our members. Six incredible industry professionals were honoured at this year's Crystal Awards Gala and we packed the house at our Showcase event.



Occasions to Network








Joanna Webb

Chair's Message

The industry is changing at warp speed. Our goal is to help our members succeed in this new world, at every stage of their careers.

In 2015, WIFT-T programming, mentorships, and special events covered issues of vital importance in today’s digitally-focused industry. We hosted hot topic panel discussions, such as “Strategies for Building a Successful Web Series” and “Social Media Training for Executives.” Effective intensives were offered, including our wildly successful Digital Media Bootcamp. Our mentorship programs included a producer internship at Deluxe’s digital production studio and a games development producer mentorship with Ubisoft.

In everything we do, we are committed to women's success.

Heather WEbb

Executive Director's Message

We are dedicated to supporting women in the screen-based industry and are always looking for ways to better serve our members. 

Over the past year, WIFT-T launched several new and exciting program initiatives that enable women to connect, learn, and advance, such as The Shaw Media Management Accelerator. Through such programming, WIFT-T actively enriched the careers and lives of individual women and the industry at large. Diversified perspectives and well-informed, well-trained professionals lead to a more robust and vibrant workforce – fostering innovation, producing fresh content, and forging leaders ready for the industry of tomorrow.

WIFT-T is an essential resource in today's changing landscape.



WIFT-T empowers women to be capable, confident, connected and successful in their careers in screen-based media. That's our mission and our passion.

who we are

What we Believe

We support the development and advancement of women in the screen-based industry. Member based, we are a collection of enthusiastic women and men who are committed to this objective. The following  beliefs and values form the philosophy from which our organization developed: 

  • Women are powerful, smart and committed industry leaders. 
  • Through WIFT-T, women are empowered to connect, learn and advance.
  • We believe the screen-based media industry is stronger with a committed, connected and well-trained workforce.
  • WIFT-T members get the job done.  
  • We respect and acknowledge leaders who, recognizing hard work and meaningful contributions, advance women’s careers.

Wonderful Members

It's because of you that WIFT-T was formed. Smart, strong, savvy women and men changing the world, one screen at a time.


There would be no WIFT-T without the support of our invaluable partners who join with us to make a difference.


Funds are raised to support our professional development programs and bursaries. Give the Gift of WIFT!

Devoted Board

Our board is comprised of a remarkable group of women who generously give their time and counsel to guide WIFT-T.


These folks dedicate their skills and abilities each day to making our game-changing programs and events happen.


Our work would simply not be possible without our wonderful volunteers. Thank you. Email to join and get on our mailing list.

you belong here


From updating skills, expanding professional networks, to transitioning into a new sector, WIFT-T was the gateway to a dynamic, industry-focused network and access to new opportunities in 2015. Women and men of every race, ethnicity and ability and at every stage of work and life were welcomed.

There was a 68% increase in memberships from the previous year. Fees from memberships, programming and events all contribute to the funding of WIFT-T.  

WIFT-T's success in developing programming and events that appeal to all four of our cohorts was apparent in the even spread of our membership. WIFT-T continued to be of value for entry-level members just starting their careers, emerging members hitting their stride, well-established members, and for members with decades of experience. This is a critical aspect of the WIFT-T experience, it is the blending of all these industry professionals together that makes WIFT-T so unique.









Gain skills

“As someone who is trying to gain more experiences to work in the industry, I love all the skills I have gained so far, understanding more of the industry and meeting talented and helpful women along the way.”

~Jasmine Wang, Digital Communications Coordinator, TAAFI

Build a Network

“It’s a great opportunity to upgrade digital media and general business skills, get creative in a safe environment, as well as meet powerful people within the industry and build a network.”

~Vanessa Matsui, Actor & Filmmaker, Lost Girl, Crankytown.ca

More Mentorship

“WIFT-T is important because until there is actual gender equality in film and television we need to have programs to give female filmmakers additional opportunities, more mentorship, and a place to build community in which to draw from when hiring. It's especially important to have senior industry female executives ... mentoring and interacting with emerging female filmmakers.”

~Adria Budd Johnson, Writer & producer, Beauty Shot, Best Day Ever: Aiden Kesler 1994-2011

Highly Rewarding

“I have been an active member of WIFT-T for the past few years and I have found it highly beneficial and rewarding. WIFT is an invaluable organization that provides high quality events and educational programs.”

~Shannon Skinner, Executive Producer & TV TALK SHOW HOST, Extraordinary Women TV

meet our remarkable

Board Members & Staff

Joanne Webb, Chair

Principal, Mojojo Inc.

Pat DiVittorio, Vice-Chair

Vice-President, Program Planning, Bell Media

Fiona Lee, TReasurer

CPA, CA. Director of Special Projects, Finance and Accounting, Corus Entertainment

Christina Buchli, Secretary

Partner, Buchli Goldstein

Sasha Boersma

Partner/Executive Producer, Sticky Brain Studios Inc.

Michelle Daly

Senior Director, CBC Comedy

Jocelyn Hamilton

President, Canada, eOne Television

Alex Lalonde

COO, Digital Howard

Anne Loi

Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations, DHX Media Ltd.

Kristine Murphy

Director, Industry Development, Ontario Media Development Corporation

Natalie Osborne

Chief Strategy Officer, 9 Story Media Group

Rekha Shah

Director of Sales, CBS International

Tamara Shannon

Vice President Media, Universal Pictures

Andra Sheffer

CEO, Independent Production Fund & Cogeco Program Development Fund

Bianca Williamson

Director, People, Corus Entertainment (previously Shaw Media)


Staff Members


Heather Webb, Executive Director


Jackie Pardy, Director of Development


Heidi Tao Yang, Program Manager (left Oct'15)


Alison Rheaume, Membership Manager


Katia Houde, Communications Manager


Stephanie Earp, Communications Manager
(mat leave Feb '15)


Naomi van Voorst, Administrative Coordinator

& Interns

Jeremy Clark, Brownwyn Ferguson, and Brittany Choban



None of the valuable programming and events we hosted in 2015 would have been possible without the incredible women and men – and the inspiring companies they are a part of – who partnered with WIFT-T to make a difference. A strongly felt thank you to each and every one of you who championed women's advancement and helped to strengthen the screen-based media industry.

spotlight on

Shaw Media
“In an ever-evolving media landscape, we are excited to be partnering with WIFT-T to help foster innovation.”
~Barb Williams, President, Shaw Media

An indispensable and leading WIFT-T partner for many years, Shaw Media was our most generous corporate sponsor in 2015.

From financial support to partnering with WIFT-T to launch a new intensive training program and to contribute to the success of our annual Crystal Awards, Shaw Media went above and beyond over the past year to support WIFT-T and the continued advancement and strengthening of Canada's media industry.

“The more we are blessed with material wealth, the greater our responsibility to give back to society.” 

~JR Shaw, Founder & Executive Chair, Shaw Communications

Shaw Media launched our inaugural Shaw Media Management Accelerator (SMMA) program in 2015, committing at least two years of support for this vital intensive. The program accelerates participants’ careers by helping them become effective managers, decision makers and communicators — foundations for becoming future leaders.

In December 2015, Shaw Media joined with WIFT-T as a Crystal Awards Presenting Partner, celebrating outstanding contributions by Canadian media professionals.

If your company is interested in partnering with us, email us to start making a difference, or donate to the Foundation for WIFT-T.

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